Falloppi S.r.l.

About us

Falloppi srl is an italian company based in Valdagno (Vicenza), specialized in the production of engraved rollers (reverse, syncro, design) for tannery finishing machines of every size and for every kind of machine.
Since 1988 we are producing these rollers for the most important leather machines manufacturers and we are exporting to many countries of the world directly to final users or through our wide commercial network of agents and dealers.
Another business area of our company is the reconditioning process of second hand tannery machineries.


Coating rollers

We produce mechanically engraved rolelrs, with varying dimensions from a minimum of 300mm and up to 3600mm.

  • Reverse

    Mechanically engraved cylinders for "reverse" coating applications, in any size and for any kind of roller coating machine.

  • Tipping

    Mechanically engraved cylinders for "forward coating/ tipping" applications, in any size and for any kind of roller finishing machine.

  • Helicoidal

    Helicoidal rollers for "reverse" coating applications of different products: pigment, oil, stucco.

Design cylinders for special effect

We produce rollers for printing effects as: cloudy, snake, antique, etc.

Other products

Rollers for spray lines
Rollers of varying dimensions, from 300 mm up tu 4000 mm.
Transport rollers
Dimensions varying from 300 mm up to 6000 mm.
Big sized rollers
We produce filler/pipe rollers with dimensions up to 500 mm in diameter and 6000 mm in length.

Spare parts and accessories for tannery

We can provide serveral kinds of spare parts and accessories for tannery:

Refurbished and guaranteed tannery machines

Our company is specialized in the refurbishing of roller coating/tipping/printing machines:

Contact us: falloppi@falloppi.com

TEL: +39-0445-480111

FAX: +39-0445-401075

Falloppi SRL

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36078 Valdagno (VI) - Italy